Always the Observer.

An artist by temperament & training and a filmmaker by trade, I have never been one to settle on a single way of doing things or of seeing the world. In art, the ever-changing colors, objects, geographies, shapes, and shadows encountered during daily life generally serve as the impetus for my work while materials at hand and circumstances often provide parameters.

Growing up in NYC fostered much of my fascination with the urban setting and its components leading me in an exploration of all that is around us. The universality of the markings. A study of the elegance of utility and how utility & chance often create abstraction in the physical world while bringing a bit of reality to that imagined.

Shortly after receiving a BFA in photography from Stanford, I began working in motion picture and television production in Los Angeles as an assistant director. I have continued to enjoy working in film & television and as an artist & designer for clients around the US from within the film industry and from without.

-Eric Oliver

BA Studio Art – Photography, Stanford University. Stanford, CA 1989

Professional Affiliations
Los Angeles Art Association – Artist member

Group Shows
March 2014 – Hale Arts Space, Santa Monica, CA
March 2013 – SMAS Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Sept 2012 The Style’s the Limit – SMAS Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Oct 2011 Baked – SMAS Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
June 2011 – The Happening Gallery, Venice, CA
May 2011 – SMAS Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
Feb 2011 Back to Basics: New Paintings – SMAS Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
May 2010 Branches & Leaves – SMAS Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

Other Recognition
Winner “Open Theme” Competition – online gallery, Nov 2013
Featured Artist – online art e-zine, Nov 2013

Collections & Commissions
Creative Voltage
Morgan Stanley NY
BET Entertainment
Carsey-Werner Company