“Baked” began one day when I attempted (quite in vain) to reduce the clutter of old pots & pans filling much of my kitchen storage space. As I began sorting it recurred to me that I had actually come to recognize and grow somewhat fond of the textures and patterns that had been baked on to many of them over the years (presumably why I’d hung on to them for so long). The thought that a lifetime of cookies could be represented and memorialized in the baked on residue of a cookie sheet still fascinates me.

Combining and adapting a few techniques I’d been working with helped to create some intriguing baked-on patterns, textures and images on metal out of cooking oils and other substances.

These initial exploratory works are large-format digitally-colored photographs of baked cooking oil “paintings” on steel plates and are available in limited quantities as metallic c-prints elegantly mounted on acrylic–please call or email for information on purchase options.