“The One With The Elephant”

So last week my brother stopped by with his 2 kids (10 & 8) for a couple of days on their way to what sounded like (and apparently turned out to be) a spectacular Spring vacation. The first thing my 8 yr old nephew said as he walked into my place and saw the various paintings scattered about was, “Where’s the one with the elephant?” Having never intentionally painted an elephant I asked him which one that was and he proceeded to take out his iPad and show me–he was using it as his desktop image. Now, had I not been so thrown off by the fact that an 8 yr old had an iPad (I get that I’m behind the times but that still surprised me a little–should it have? Feel free to comment on that) or flattered that he was using my painting as his desktop, I would have inquired more as to the elephant of which he spoke. Alas, they’d had a long day traveling, their stay was to be a short one, and I didn’t want to spend this quick visit pressing the boy to get his opinion of my work. I did realize, though, that when a child has a personal understanding and appreciation of a painting, that can often be the best compliment an artist could hope for. And I’m still trying to find the elephant.

Makeshift Fortress in a Discard World 26 x 18in | Acrylic, tempera & pencil on paper | 2011